Event 2024

What is Pikkulaskianen?

As autumn turns to winter, evenings get darker and the frost arrives in Finland, students retire to hibernation to wait for the dawn of spring. In winter, school deadlines and the endless need for coffee are a part of everyday life. But in Turku everything is different.

Something looms on the horizon. What is it?

Pikkulaskiainen introduces: Pikkulaskiainen 2024 – Cool for the Summer! Get ready for the greatest winter festival in Finland!

Pikkulaskiainen 2024 will be held 29.2.2024.

Event area

In the event area you will find a bar area, stands of our partner companies and a lot more. Of course, there will also be a surprise artist!

At the ticket exchange you can change your ticket into a wrist band and a stamp card, and after the pub crawl your stamp card into an overall badge!

In the event area, we only accept card payments.

You can find a picture of the event area from the INFO-page and from our mobile app.

Downhill race

This student event kicks off with a legendary downhill race!

The competitors race down a hill with their selfmade vehicles while the audience cheers for them. You can see from our after movie, what kind of crazy vehicles there have been before!

Pub crawl

After the race and the surprise artist, it’s time to head out to a pub crawl.

The pub crawl is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Turku’s rich restaurant and bar culture, while numerous food and beverage shops are included in the tour. You can collect stamps and after a certain amount of stamps you are entitled to a special badge for your overalls.


The night culminates in wild afterparties that continue until morning accompanied by front-line artists!

The tickets will be sold in Kide.app in February 2024.

More information about event day will be released soon so stay tuned!

Check out last years event photos below. You can also find our aftermovie here!

Last years event photos