EVENT 2022

As autumn turns to winter, evenings get darker and the frost arrives in Finland, students retire to hibernation to wait for the dawn of spring. In winter, school deadlines and the endless need for coffee are a part of everyday life. But in Turku everything is different. Something looms on the horizon. What is it?

Pikkulaskiainen introduces: Pikkulaskiainen 2022 – 30 Years of Winter Festivals! 30th Pikkulaskiainen will be celebrated bigger than ever!

Pikkulaskiainen will be held on February 10th 2022.

What is Pikkulaskiainen?


The student event consists of a legendary downhill race, pub crawl and the glorious afterparties with front-line artists.

It begins with Pikkulaskiainen’s legendary downhill race, where teams will be sliding downhill with fantastic race vehicles. Come and see what kind crazy things students have come up with this year! The pub crawl is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Turku’s rich restaurant and bar culture, while numerous food and beverage shops are included in the tour. You can collect stamps from bars and restaurants and after a certain amount of stamps you are entitled to a special badge for your overalls. The winter festival culminates in wild afterparties that continue until morning accompanied by front-line artists.

Check out the after party bars HERE. Artists will be realeased later.



There are three ways you can buy your tickets to Pikkulaskiainen.

The ticket price of 22,90€ includes the whole festival experience:
Downhill sliding event
Surprise artist of the sliding event
Pub crawl
Overall badge
Entrance to the afterparty of your choice
Afterparty artist

Campus ticket sale


Campus ticket sale will be held in January. More information will be provided later.

Online ticket sale


Online ticket sale will be held in January. More information will be provided later.

Group ticket sale


Group ticket sale is in two parts. The first sale is on 11.-28.11.2021 and that is for student unions. Another group sale is held on 30.11.2021 at 1-2 pm. and that is for other groups such as big friend groups.

You can place your binding order through HERE.


You can place your binding order through the link provided later. You can’t order tickets via e-mail. It is possible to buy tickets for all after party locations and the minimum order is 25 tickets per location. You can wish for three afterparty locations and we do our best to fulfil one of those. However, the earlier the order arrives, the more likely it is that the wishes can be fulfilled. There is a limited amount of group tickets so we cannot guarantee tickets for everyone who wants them. The tickets sold on 30.11. will be provided on first come first served basis.

Please notice that the order is non-refundable and with setting an order you accept the ticket terms and conditions


Order will be confirmed shortly after you place it, but on 30.11.2021 at the latest. The bill will be sent to the person who placed the order. It has to be paid within 14 days. The tickets have to be paid before delivery.


The tickets will be delivered in January. If you want the tickets delivered by mail, the cost inside of Finland is:
7,90€ for under 50 tickets
12,90€ for 51-300 tickets and
15,90€ for over 300 tickets. 

You can also pick them up free of charge at TuKY’s own club house Parkki (Parkinkatu 6) at a time scheduled for you. Order has to be paid before delivery.

Bus transportation


This year Pikkulaskiainen offers a possibility to buy a two-way ticket from different cities to the event. You have the possibility to make a binding order request for bus tickets with your group ticket order. We confirm bus tickets at the same time as group tickets by 30.11.2021.

Below you can find transportation costs for two-way ticket for one person and the departure places. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Spesific addresses will be provided later. You can make a request for bus transportation from a another destination by sending us a message.

NB: Bus transportation cannot be offered if the minimum order volume (35 tickets per city) is not fulfilled.

We will inform you later about the possibility to buy bus tickets later with the campus and online ticket sales.


Gather your friends and come to Turku to feel the biggest winter festival in Finland – you don’t want to miss this party!

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Get in the feeling with the photos on Facebook and the 2020 aftermovie below!

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