The price of the 2020 event is 21€ and it includes:

Downhill race
Pub crawl
Overall padge
Artist in the after-party

The after-party nightclubs are listed here.

Group ticket sale


The group ticket sale is held 18.11.-8.12.

You may order group tickets only by filling in our online form. The online form will be found from this page on Monday 18th November at 00:01.

Minimum order quantity is 25 tickets per order and the order should be made by 8.12.2019. It is also possible to order tickets to multiple nightclubs. You can do this by mentioning all of the nightclubs and desired ticket amounts when making the request to order. There is only a limited amount of tickets in this sale, so please act fast. We can not guarantee tickets to everyone requesting to order them.

Please also note, that the ticket quantity and nighclub you fill in the form can be subject to change. We will confirm the final quantity and location after the group sale ends. It is also possible to order tickets to multiple nightclubs. The group sale is meant for student groups, such as student unions, student associations or other large groups outside of Turun KY.

Please note, that the order is binding and by making an order you accept the terms and conditions of the group sale. We will contact you before confirming the order, in case there are any changes to the amount of tickets or the afterparty. The confirmation, which includes the exact amount of tickets and details about the afterparty of your choice, will be sent to your email when the group sale has ended. Tickets will be billed after the group ticket sale has closed.

The tickets will be delivered from the beginning of January. The posting costs 

  • 8,90€ for 25-50 tickets
  • 12,90€ for 51-300 tickets and
  • 15,90€ for over 300 tickets

Please note that these prices are for postal deliveries within Finland.

The tickets may also be collected from Turun KY’s office during its opening hours or at an agreed time (Rehtoripellonkatu 3 20500 Turku). Please inform us beforehand when you come to collect the tickets.

Campus ticket sales


The campus ticket sales are held on the week 3 in the cities mentioned below:





Ticket sale on the web 

The web ticket sale is held on week 3. We will publish more information about the web ticket sale on a later date.

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